Sworn Translation


We specialize in the translation of presentations, contract and legal documents.

For such materials, we have a translator with specific  experience in these areas, we also work with other translators who can translate anything from website content to novels



Have you been  tasked with making a presentation in a language other than your own?

Or perhaps, you have to translate your presentation into a different language for an upcoming conference. Whatever the case, we can help!

We have experienced translators who specialize in  presentations and can ensure that both the content and the flow of your presentation is preserved accurately for your audience


Contract & Legal Documents

We all know how important it is to carefully read through contracts and other legal documents before signing them. But what happens when those documents  are in a language you don’t understand?

Whether you need legal documents translated from  English or into English,  we will work closely with you to make sure that every detail is as accurate as possible.

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